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Domain registration/transfer fees 
 License period
.AC domain0108,90102,8596,8090,7584,70
.AG domain0169,40163,35157,30151,25145,20
.AI domain0181,50175,45169,40163,35157,30
.ASIA domain072,6066,5560,5054,4548,40
.AT domain060,5054,4548,4042,3536,30
.BE domain030,2526,6224,2020,5718,15
.BG domain0217,80205,70193,60181,50169,40
.BI domain0163,35157,30151,25145,20139,15
.BIZ domain030,2526,6224,2020,5718,15
.BRUSSELS Domain072,6066,5560,5054,4548,40
.BZ domain078,6572,6066,5560,5054,45
.CA domain048,4044,7742,3538,7236,30
.CC domain072,6066,5560,5054,4548,40
.CD domain090,7584,7078,6572,6066,55
.CH domain096,8054,4548,4042,3536,30
.CL domain0363,00181,50229,90193,60145,20
.CM domain0187,55181,50175,45169,40163,35
.CN domain090,7584,7078,6572,6066,55
.CO domain084,7078,6572,6066,5560,50
.CO.AT domain054,4548,4042,3536,3030,25
.CO.UK domain060,5027,2224,2021,1818,15
.COM domain030,2526,6224,2020,5718,15
.COM.AR domain0157,30151,25145,20139,15133,10
.COM.CN domain090,7584,7078,6572,6066,55
.COM.HK domain0169,40157,30145,20133,10121,00
.COM.PT domain0127,05121,00114,95108,90102,85
.COM.SG domain096,8090,7584,7078,6572,60
.COM.TW domain072,6066,5560,5054,4548,40
.COM.UA domain0127,05121,00114,95108,90102,85
.CX domain096,8090,7584,7078,6572,60
.CZ domain042,3536,3030,2524,2018,15
.DE domain042,3536,3030,2524,2018,15
.DK domain054,4548,4042,3536,3030,25
.ES domain042,3536,3030,2524,2018,15
.EU domain030,2526,6224,2020,5718,15
.FM domain0145,20139,15133,10127,05121,00
.FR domain060,5054,4548,4042,3536,30
.GD domain084,7078,6572,6066,5560,50
.GENT Domain060,5054,4548,4042,3536,30
.GS domain072,6066,5560,5054,4548,40
.HK domain090,7584,7078,6572,6066,55
.IN domain072,6066,5560,5054,4548,40
.INFO domain036,3030,2527,8324,2020,57
.IO domain0127,05121,00114,95108,90102,85
.IT domain054,4548,4042,3536,3030,25
.JP domain0121,00114,95108,90102,8596,80
.LA domain066,5560,5054,4548,4042,35
.LI domain066,5560,5054,4548,4042,35
.LU domain 060,5054,4548,4042,3536,30
.MN domain0108,90102,8596,8090,7584,70
.MOBI domain048,4042,3536,3030,2524,20
.MS domain096,8090,7584,7098,3172,60
.MX domain096,8090,7584,7078,6572,60
.NAME domain 060,5054,4548,4042,3536,30
.NET domain030,2526,6224,2020,5718,15
.NF domain0235,95229,90223,85217,80211,75
.NL domain030,2526,6224,2020,5718,15
.NO domain072,6066,5560,5054,4548,40
.NU domain078,6572,6066,5560,5054,45
.ORG domain030,2526,6224,2020,5718,15
.ORG.UK domain036,3026,6224,2020,5718,15
.PL domain066,5560,5054,4548,4042,35
.PT domain096,8090,7584,7078,6572,60
.RO domain0102,8554,4538,3225,4116,34
.RU domain066,5560,5054,4548,4042,35
.SC domain0175,45169,40163,35157,30151,25
.SE domain066,5560,5054,4548,4042,35
.SH domain096,8090,7584,7078,6572,60
.SK domain096,8090,7584,7078,6572,60
.SO domain078,6572,6066,5560,5054,45
.TC domain066,5560,5054,4548,4042,35
.TK domain054,4548,4042,3536,3030,25
.TL domain096,8090,7584,7078,6572,60
.TV domain072,6066,5560,5054,4548,40
.TW domain090,7584,7078,6572,6066,55
.US domain 030,2526,6224,2020,5718,15
.VC domain096,8090,7584,7078,6572,60
.VG domain060,5054,4548,4042,3536,30
.VLAANDEREN Domain072,6066,5560,5054,4548,40
.WS domain060,5054,4548,4042,3536,30
Mb mailspace00,730,600,420,300,30
URL forwarding / cloaking07,266,054,843,632,42
Url Cloaking Special014,5212,109,687,264,84

* Registration fee per year.

You can receive discounts of up to 50% on those prices!
To receive this discount, use our credit system.


Advantages with @iPower 

1. On-line changing of domain data

You can via our Domain manager directly change all of your domain data.

2. URL forwarding and Cloaking Option

URL forwarding or URLCloaking offers you the opportunity to have your domain name referred to a free webspace provider such as Changes or the set-up of it can be implemented via the Domain manager.

3. URL Cloaking Special

URL Cloaking Special offers the same possibilities as URL cloaking, except that you yourself can enter your metatags that will be used by the Search Engines to index your site.

In addition, with the special it is possible to display your site as it would be the case with a paying host. You thus are able to type in your product page directly, such as:, and your product page will be displayed immediately.

Your domain will be accessible at as well as

4. / E-mail forwarding

You can have a a POP3 mailbox. You receive an e-mail address in the form of plus an unlimited number of aliases. This way, you will receive e-mails at all addresses ending in

In addition, you can consult your e-mail both off line (with an e-mail programme such as Outlook Express) and on line (on a special Internet page This offers a host of advantages!

5. Registration with Search Engines

Via our Domain manager you yourself will be able to register your website with the 40 major international Search Engines . This is important to make sure that your customers can quickly locate your Internet position.


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"The new webmail interface is simply excellent. The available functionality exceeds my expectations and allows us to better control the structural aspect of our communication. THANKS!!"
Johan De Clercq


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