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Linux vs. Windows 2003

We are often asked which hosting platform one should choose, Linux or Windows 2003 . In answer to this question, we have listed the major differences between the two. In the process, we have also tried to dispel any common misconceptions regarding these platforms.

Ease of use 

Over the years, a lot of time and effort was invested in making the Linux/Unix as well as the Windows server versions easily maintainable hosting platforms . Today, there are virtually no differences in terms of ease of use between these platforms. If you are an advanced user who prefers to work in a shell (bash) environment, then Linux is your choice. If you are a beginner , you will find Windows to be somewhat user-friendlier.


It is generally believed that Linux is more reliable. However, we at @iPower guarantee that our Windows-based servers are at least as reliable, by ensuring a stress-resistant and redundant configuration, which is continuously being checked for possible errors. If a problem arises, you can rely on @iPower to remedy the situation without delay.


There is no difference in terms of speed between the two platforms.


Despite the fact that the same result can be obtained on both platforms, the way in which the objective is achieved differs considerably. For example, if you need a database-driven web site, you can either opt for a 'LAMP' solution (Linux - Apache - MySQL - PHP) or you can choose an ASP/MS Access and/or Asp.Net/MS SQL Server solution under Windows.


In addition to Linux, which is generally considered a secure platform, we now see that also Windows 2003 developed into a secure platform. Since Windows 2000, security has become the number one priority at Microsoft, which also becomes apparent in the latest version of Windows server 2003.

Since Linux is entirely Open Source (the source code is completely free and adaptable), the entire code is accessible, which means a hacker can easily exploit possible security gaps.

Because Microsoft products are used worldwide, security companies have mushroomed all over the world, specialising in tracking down security flaws. When such a problem is detected, Microsoft instantly develops a 'security patch'. @iPower always makes sure that these updates are immediately installed on our servers.

A recent security survey (Evaluation Assurance Level certification) awarded Suse Linux with a EAL2+ score, whereas Win2000 Pro and Server, for example, received their EAL4+ certification already some time ago.
The most widely used version of Linux is Red Hat, although this version doesn't have EAL certification.
For more information on EAL, you can visit: ENT News.


Here, Linux clearly has the edge over Windows, because most Linux software licences are free of charge. However, one has to take into consideration the fact that Linux is more complex , hence better (read: more expensive) system administrators are required. If the system administrator is external to the hosting company, it may take several days before Linux server problems are solved.

@iPower’s highly trained MCSEs (Microsoft Certified System Engineers) have the necessary expertise to quickly analyse and solve problems, so that your web site is on line again in no time!

You are looking for a Linux hosting solution? 

Since we do not specialise in Linux, our service offer does not include Linux hosting formulas that comply with the same high standards as our Windows hosting packages. We therefore recommend the following providers, specialised in Linux:



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