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We recommend you setup your email accounts as soon as you signup. You can setup new email accounts, aliases, email forwarding and passwords by going to your email control panel.

Your Email Control Panel

Your email control panel is located at

Entering your Email Control Panel

In order to setup your first email account you need to log on to your mail server control panel with your main email account. This is provided in your 'welcome' email. Enter and password provided.

Once you have successfully entered your mail control panel you can now setup additional email accounts, add email aliases, forwards and manage eventual mailing lists.

Email Forwarding:

To setup email forwarding for any of your POP3 email accounts log on to your control panel with your email userid and password, select ' Change Mail Forwarding Information' from the options menu, enter the email address to which you wish to forward your mail to then click save.

Email Aliasing:

To setup email aliases log on to your control panel with your email userid and password, select 'Alias Administration' from the options menu then select the 'add' option. Enter the alias you wish to add (ex: joe), select 'standard' as Alias Type then add the destination (the email you wish to alias).


To setup an autoresponder for your POP3 account log on to your control panel with your userid and password, select 'Change Vacation Message', enter the autoresponse then click save.

Setting Up a Catch-All

To setup a catch-all email alias for your domain follow the steps below:

1) Log on to your email control panel with your administrative email account.
2) Turn to the Alias Administration link.
3) In the alias administration menu click on Add then enter nobody as alias ID. Select Standard as Alias Type then enter the userid in the destination field. 


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"The new webmail interface is simply excellent. The available functionality exceeds my expectations and allows us to better control the structural aspect of our communication. THANKS!!"
Johan De Clercq


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