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Hosting is more than having your website run on a server. The ease with which you use your site is in fact dependent on the quality of your hosting provider. For that reason, you are well advised to work with a reliable partner. With @iPower, you will find yourself in good hands:



Important in your choice of a reliable web host is the size, the speed, and the diversity of the dedicated Internet connections, as well as the hardware and the software used by the hosting company. But the most crucial feature of all is reliability. What is the uptime/downtime ratio?

The response times, the quality of the back-ups, and the number of times a back-up is made of your data, not to overlook security, are major factors. In addition, you have to ask yourself the question whether sufficient and adequate support will be provided whenever you have questions or when problems arise.

Customer Services

The Technical Service department at @iPower remains at your disposal 24 hours around the clock, 7 days a week. During office hours, our Customer Service Engineers will be pleased to answer your queries. Furthermore, after office hours, two System Engineers remain permanently on duty. They have a portable computer and a GPRS connection ready at hand to be able to solve your problems quickly and without hesitation. This offers you significant added value in comparison to the kind of service other hosting providers are supplying!

Reaction time

A good hosting provider reacts within two office hours to your messages or questions. @iPower reacts within 30 minutes! When enough information is available, your problem will be solved completely without any delay whatsoever. In addition, FAQ list will no doubt provide you with an answer to most of your questions.



Assurance of maximum uptime

Nobody likes waiting around. @iPower makes certain that your website appears quickly on the screen . Our servers are connected to the Internet by means of 2 (redundant) backbone connections. These have a capacity of 155 Mbit/s each. They are our guarantee for a maximal uptime.

Moreover, we guarantee sufficient bandwidth so that your visitors can quickly download your site. We are able to reach speeds of up to 310 Mbit/s. (well over 2Gb per minute).


Powerful servers at your disposal

The quality of a hosting provider is also determined by hardware such as web servers and routers. @iPower uses only the most reliable brands. For the knowledgeable users: our current server standard is Dell PowerEdge 2560 with Dual Intel Xeon processors of 2,4 Ghz, 2 Gb memory and 15.000 rpm SCSI harddisks in RAID 5. We further use Cisco routers, firewalls from Netscreen, and LAN switches from Nortel.

Reliability of the host

@iPower guarantees that your website will have optimal accessibility. Our servers are closely monitored 24 hours around the clock, 7 days a week. This enables us to intervene immediately if, in spite of all our care, something should go wrong. But one ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For that reason, @iPower has developed a special programme: 'Autosupport', that ferrets out any possible problems on an on-going basis. This way, every fault is being discovered and corrected within a few minutes.

@iPower immediately tackles these problems and clients are notified in time of possible problems with our servers. Your site has to be accessible at least 98% of the time.

And what about back-up?

@iPower keeps your website accessible under all circumstances, even in the event of a power failure . Our infrastructure is provided with 2 separate power connections. These are controlled by batteries with a 2-hour capacity and plugged into the network current. When the network current fails, a generator automatically takes over. This generator has a tank volume of no less than 10.000 litres of diesel oil and, in addition, can be topped up while operating. This ensures that the @iPower-servers for your website will continue to operate smoothly even in the event of a lengthy power failure.

What is the likelihood of flooding?

The servers at @iPower are secured against flooding . Our racks are positioned 1.5 meters above ground level. Furthermore, the building housing our servers is located at some elevation. This means that the chances of flooding and consequently damage to your server is non-existent at @iPower This may appear no more than logical, yet it is not a self-evident consideration with all hosting providers.


How secure if your hosting provider?

@iPower does not give hackers a chance. We guarantee 100 % security for your site. Our Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) and Netscreen System Engineer are your security for that. These collaborators are responsible for keeping our servers and firewalls constantly up-to-date.


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