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Behavioural codes and guidelines for Internet use

You are not allowed to use (a part of) @iPower N.V. Service or the @iPower N.V. website for the following activities. If you violate this provision, the Agreement shall be terminated effective immediately and you will no longer be able to use (a part of) the @iPower N.V. Service, the @iPower N.V. website, or the @iPower N.V. management. You alone are responsible for the content that you supply for inclusion in your @iPower N.V. website. @iPower N.V. neither may nor shall conduct an evaluation or control of or over the content you are offering on your @iPower N.V. website and does not accept the obligation to inspect such content in question. You will nonetheless accept our right to inspect your @iPower N.V. website in consequence of a complaint from a third party for whatever reason.

You acknowledge and recognise that we reserve the right to judge if your @iPower N.V. website contains content that is not conform to the standards we expect, and that we can reach such a conclusion even if this is based on our own personal assessment or on mere assumption or beliefs, without any obligation to prove that our opinion or our assumptions are based on irrefutable grounds, and this even when our opinion or our assumptions should appear groundless in cases where we are supplying other clients with @iPower N.V. websites in spite of the fact that their pages contain identical or comparable features as your @iPower N.V. website. You also recognise that, by providing you with tools to set up an @iPower N.V. website, @iPower N.V. does not in any which way express its approval of your @iPower N.V. website or considers its content in keeping with the provisions of this agreement.


Ifn @iPower N.V. shall by its own standards judge that your behaviour constitutes an infringement on the conditions of this behavioural code and directives, @iPower N.V. may suspend or restrict your services, terminate them, or take any other suitable action with respect to your services, without an obligation to refund the subscription fees already paid. @iPower N.V. reserves the right to engage in such action without the need of prior notification to you.

You understand and acknowledge that we reserve the right to decide whether your behaviour is contrary to the norms laid out in these codes of behaviour and instructions and that we may arrive at this decision even when it is based on our own opinion or on pure assumption or conviction, without any obligation on our part to prove grounds for our opinion or our assumptions, and even including instances where our opinions or assumptions can or may be proven to be baseless. You accept that, in consequence of a complaint from a customer or from a third party, we reserve the right to suspend or to cancel the services that are subject to the present code of behaviour and guidelines, without prior notification and without the obligation to refund any of the already paid subscription fees.

Changes to these codes of behaviour and guidelines

You accept thatn @iPower N.V. may change these codes of behaviour and guidelines as it sees fit. We shall announce all such revised codes of behaviour and guidelines at the latest thirty (30) calendar days prior to their coming into effect. The use of the @iPower N.V. services following the term of the announcement constitutes acceptance of the change.


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"A THOUSAND CONGRATULATIONS to the designer. It looks very good!

I am also very pleased that you have decided on a multi-cultural approach."

Leo Evens


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