resellerOur reseller programme allows you to use our servers in order to offer your customers top Internet solutions. Our reseller programme has been developed to offer you a simple and flexible solution that will give you the freedom to host and manage your customers’ sites.

How does the reseller programme operate?

In order to qualify for our reseller programme, it suffices to maintain 3 hosting accounts with us, excluding the presence of hosting formulas. Your main account is counted in this and will also qualify for the discount. You deal with the invoicing, customer services and support and we offer the actual services.

Are there extra costs to becoming a reseller?

There are no extra costs to becoming a reseller. Once you have met the conditions, you can request your reseller code .

Resellers’ advantages:

  • Discounts up to 40%.
  • Priority for technical support.
  • Offer your customers quality service.
  • Guaranteed 24-hour account set-up.

What kinds of discounts do I qualify for?

The reseller discount is based on the number of hosting accounts you maintain with us. (All accounts excluding the presence accounts)

Number of Accounts Discount
3 - 10 15 %
11 - 30 20 %
31 - 40 30 %
41 and more 40 %
Note: The Reseller discount does not apply to account set-ups, extra services, and set-up costs for additional services.