Web Marketing

A website is intended to attract visitors and potential customers. That is its purpose. Yet, this does not always happen as a matter of course. Thanks to Web marketing it can assume that role as standard practice. @iPower offers you the possibilities to promote your site on the worldwide web.

Sign-on with Search Engines:

@iPower registers your website with the 40 major Search Engines, free of charge. Not enough? We also have a formula to register your site with all Search Engines worldwide (ca. 75.000). Subsequently, we will further send you a complete account of this action.

Search Engine optimisation:

Hitmagnet, a unique service provided by @iPower, it guarantees you a permanent ranking with the most important, top 10 Search Engines. This means your website will be discovered faster by your customers, with high traffic numbers as a result. Consider Hitmagnet very high on our list of recommended services! Not satisfied? Money back!