Web hosting − Overview

Our different hosting types 

You can choose from 2 different hosting types. Below you can find a clear overview of the major differences.
For a detailed description of each hosting type, click on the hosting type (Lite, Elite).

  Lite Elite
ASP.NET 2.0 ⇒ 4.5
Coldfusion 11
Access database
MS SQL server
Unlimited number of mailboxes
24/7 support
Possibility for several websites
100 % Uptime


Redundant network setup 

The animation below offers clear insight into our redundant network setup.

You want to visit a website hosted by @iPower. How do you go about it?

  1. You dial in via your Internet Service Provider (e.g. Skynet or Telenet).
  2. The fastest connection to our ISPs is dynamically selected.
    A choice is made between BNIX, Interoute or Global Crossing.
  3. Our firewalls confirm that you are not a hacker and grant you access to our network.
  4. By means of switches the requested information is retrieved from our servers.
  5. The requested information is forwarded to you and you can view the website.


Reliable infrastructure 

Wat gebeurt er indien er zich problemen voordoen?

Our setup is completely redundant. Imagine the following:

  1. Due to maintenance works, the connection with BNIX is cut off.
  2. The Global Crossing main router fails.
  3. On top of that, one of our firewalls breaks down and a switch is lost.
  4. There is a problem with one of the servers.*


  1. In case of problems with the connectionthe system will automatically switch to another provider.
  2. In case of hardware problems the system will automatically select another firewall, switch or server *.
  3. In spite of all these failures, your website remains available for your visitors.

* Only applicable to Elite hosting