@iPower offers internet services at affordable prices as a result of high quality Microsoft technology. The company strives for 100% uptime and since its foundation in 2000 has been investing permanently in improving its network system and its service. It has a speedy and efficient 24/7 customer service.

Our Mission

  • @IPower wants to be a pre-eminent partner in the realisation of on-line projects that demand an efficient and adapted total solution. @iPower strives for a customer relationship characterised by an open communication and knowledge flow. @iPower delivers high quality, easy to maintain e-commerce sites to enable you to carry on your business around the clock, around the world.
  • To create a customer relationship where knowledge is being passed on from one to the other.
  • To provide our customers with high quality, easily maintainable e-commerce sites to allow them to do business worldwide.

" Best Price / Quality ! "
Clickx Magazine 204
20 February 2001
" Best Performance ! "
15 March 2001

Our Vision

  •  Customer satisfaction: 

    Dedicated to all of our customers, superior quality, and a partnership built on proper service.

    " Compared to Skynet and Planet Internet, you are working INCREDIBLY EFFICIENTLY!!
    Have I really been wasting so much time for so long?"

    Egon Pas - http://www.egonpas.be/

  •  Integrity:
    People that are open, direct, and honest and treat everybody with respect.

    " This is splendid !!!  I am delighted with the very fast response and personal assistance !! "
    Koen De Smet - http://www.priveles.be/

  •  Teamwork: 

    Working together as a team to improve every day in what we are doing.

  •  Renewal and creativity: 

    @iPower is an economical and efficient service provider. We guarantee you innovative and high quality service!

    " CONGRATULATIONS to the designer. It works splendidly!
    I am further quite happy with your multicultural approach. "

    Leo Evens - http://www.3sec.info/jobgids