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Hit Magnet has been for years an effective tool to attract more visitors to your website and to increase your sales. In addition, you could very accurately track the number of users who reached your website through Hit Magnet.

"Has been", unfortunately, successive changes in Google algorithms have made Hit Magnet less and less effective. Fortunately, we were able to develop new tools that give your website or webshop better rankings in Google and thus lead to more visitors and therefore more revenues.

SEO Page Optimzer: an online analysis tool for web content optimization.

  • You receive instructions to optimize your web page for the selected keyword, for all the elements that Google considers important: title tag, meta tag description, headers, the content itself, links, etc.
    Seo Page Optimizer compares your web page under construction with those that already achieve top positions in Google for the keyword and helps you reach a reasonable average of their characteristics. The result is a web page that Google can not ignore for that keyword.

Use SEO optimizer page for a free analysis per day, every day: www.seopageoptimizer.com

Keyboost: your website is on the 2nd or 3rd page of Google search results? If it reaches the first page, you will have more visitors and therefore increased sales.

  • Thanks to Keyboost, a website averagely reaches the top 10 in Google if previously it was listed on the 3rd page of the search results. A website on the 2nd page usually reaches the top 5 and a website that for a keyword is already listed in the top 10 generally arrives in the top 3.

Not convinced? Apply for a Keyboost test for one keyword, free of charge and without commitment: www.keyboost.com

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